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↳ 100+ recent, hq gifs of niall horan, best known for his singing career in the band one direction. none of these gifs belong to me, but i edited/cropped some of them to make them hq, small/medium, or brighter. there should be no repeats, but i apologize in advance if you find any. please like if you found this helpful!


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THEME 007 - Daily Rowling

[Live Preview 1] [Live Preview 2]
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This is a fansite oriented theme, but can also work well for a personal blog, which is why there are two previews (the first one models a fansite, the second models how I used it as my own personal blog).

This theme is very HTML heavy! Basic knowledge of how HTML works would be recommended, but I have created a fairly extensive customization guide in order to help you.


  • Full width header that works with any size image
  • 6 custom navigation links for the header, which can be disabled if you prefer to use an image map for your header navigation
  • Comes with 5 info boxes, which are extremely customizable and you can easily add / remove more
  • Search bar widget
  • Pre-made info box templates for site info, updates, site members, projects, affiliates
  • Responsive to browser width - content will resize to fit browser for smaller screens
  • Option for custom cursor
  • Extensive color customizations
  • Again, please read the customization guide for in-depth explanations of how to edit the HTML!

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Check out my other themes here! Any problems or questions regarding my theme? Feel free to message me!

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rest in peace, mona vanderwaal

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[twiddles thumbs while waiting for one direction to release a new single] [looks at watch] so is it out yet

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Character PSD 02 by Phosomania [download]

The fonts used were Little Lord Fontleroy and Georgia Regular. This is a really simple PSD set and you can change whatever you want about it - all the layers are labeled so you should be able to delete and erase whatever you want to. The black and white option isn’t truly black and white; it just dilutes the colors. Please don’t repost and credit me if you use!

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Live Preview | Pastebin | Base Code

This my very first rph theme and I am proud to say, I've named it after Kedra, or better known as the original marzia of rp, marzofrps. I think I'm going to name all of my themes after my lovely rph friends. Anyway, please like/reblog if you found this useful, and my inbox is open if you have any questions.

  • You MAY use this as a base code
  • If you do, give me credit somewhere, your faq, inbox title, whatever.
  • If you don’t change the theme much, then I’d like you to keep my name in the html.
  • One sidebar, size 470x500
  • Six changeable links, home, ask, etc,etc.
  • Moving tab title.
  • Estimate of 500x wide posts.
  • Extremely long description.
  • A background, usually fits anywhere around the 1000 size.
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Anonymous hey shay! do you think you could maybe rec me some nice psds to use on roleplay graphics, please? no gradients, just psds that enhance/change colors and stuff. you're a graphics queen so i just figured i'd ask you so thank you so much if you can help, ily!!


yes definitely!! keep in mind that the images that you choose for your graphic are extremely important for the psd to come out the way that the preview has, so try and choose images with colors that match the ones in the preview! i’ll also do some examples of graphics that i made with a gradient, with the psd i chose on it.

  • psd so definitely choose images with red/pink, and i think images with some black would work great too. try not to have images with too many colors. example:
  • psd orange-yellow-brownish.
  • psd. browns

also, you can try out some psds with more vibrance! these are my favorites:





ALSO a tip is to use selective coloring to its full extent. its an amazing tool on photoshop, so by take any regular psd and add a layer, making the colors pop and blend better! examples:
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